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Open letter

Dir Sir/Madam

Agarwood is a precious, rare forest product created from the natural Aquilaria trees with special usage in the field of aromatic spices, medicine. And it takes important roles to cultural and spiritual life of peoples in the whole country. From ancient to now, agarwood has very large economic values. This economic value imperceptibly causes them to be absolutely exploited. This causes the danger of extinction of the natural Aquilaria trees and the crisis of the world agarwood industry during recent decades.

However, the successful transplant to create Artificial Agarwood as well as acclimatizing of the natural Aquilaria in the forest to garden in Vietnam in the middle of 90' decades brings new hope to agarwood industry. Agarwood from cultivating and acclimatizing does not completely like natural agarwood but it partly meets "strict demands" of agarwoods in the world.

Be one of pioneer teams and be successful in the field of creating agarwood, preserving precious breed sources of Aquilaria and Aquilaria Agallocha Roxb (the species of Aquilaria that give the highest productivity), Viet Agarwood Co., ltd (Do Bau Huong) is faithful to the objectives: grows raw material areas of Aquilaria trees in large regions, gradually improves technique of transplanting and creating Agarwood, increase quality of Artificial Agarwood and affirm the positions of products from Artificial Agarwood (essential oils from agarwoods, products of fine arts and handicrafts…) on the world market.

Our current directions are:
1/ To continue speeding up the growing of raw materials of Aquilaria Agallocha Roxb (Do bau huong) so that Aquilaria Agallocha Roxb trees cover all Vietnam rural areas;
2/ To upgrade to the line of extracting essential oils of agarwood with modern, progressed technique to bring the Artificial Argarwood oils to the world market.

So, if you are interested in agarwood and do not want to miss this promised investment opportunity, co-operate with us to implement such above plan. Our company is looking forwards to give you a warm welcome.

On behalf of Viet Agarwood Co., Ltd
Chairman of Member’s Board




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