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1- Respond to the program « Act for environment » and answer to the policy of The State: Promote the international trading integration to bring source of foreign currency to the country and to solve the environmental issue and promote the national economy.

2- Recreate and use reasonably precious natural resource, we will actively recover, build, and develop raw material areas of Do Bau Huong trees to create Agarwood, a kind of old forestry tree had its name in botanical red book with risk of extinct, made it as a kind of important industrial and agricultural crops in new period.

3- Thanks to superprofit value of Artificial Agarwood will attract Participation of community in Planting Do Bau Huong tree in the wide scale that both contribute to renovating environment, and develop economy of family and society.

4- Treat the waste of human and cattles usefully: Keep the waste to make fertilizer for the plant, that both decrease the investment expense and solve waste matter that cause environmental pollution.

5- Pave the new way for taking advantage of land fund in our country, covers bald hills with green trees, recreate forest with high economic value, and help to minimize natural disasters caused by forest destruction before that make floods, drought, erosion, and have great damage for national economy.

6- Use great man power source in country, contribute to solving job for most of employees, minimize social evil and help economy to develop.

7- Transplant and create and supply Agarwood, source of precious pharmaceutical material, spice to the great demand of the world and produce necessities for the health and improving the life of people.

8- Develop economy and urbanize rural areas, improve the life of people, increase the educational level with special concern of compatriot in mountainous regions, ethnic groups, to bring comfort, happiness and prosperity to peasants on their own land.



Office: No.34, 643-Ta Quang Buu St., Ward 4, District 8, Hochiminh City, VN
Phone: (08) 62630389 - 0917646668 - 0937272501 - 0983061733
Email: info@dobauhuong.com - Website: http://www.dobauhuong.com

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